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The Professional Photographer’s Legal Handbook

Anyone licensing rights to pictures will want to own this real-world guide to the laws affecting the stock photo industry today. In this accessible and entertaining volume, Nancy E. Wolff, a leading expert and PACA’s own Legal Counsel, takes readers through the nuances and subtleties of copyright, trademarks, contracts, and privacy. Detailed advice is also provided for drafting contracts and licensing agreements, as well as understanding their scope and value. Issues discussed include:

Rights and licensing under copyright / Infringement / Protected trademarks / Photos on the Internet / Fair Use / The Public Domain / First Amendment Considerations / The Digital Millennium Copyright Act / Moral Rights

Written for non-lawyers, The Professional Photographer's Legal Handbook, published by Allworth Press, is an essential tool for photographers, photo buyers, stock agents, picture researchers, artists' representatives, and other professionals in the field of photography. The Professional Photographer's Legal Handbook by Nancy E. Wolff, Esq. $24.95.

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